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How do I choose an Arock shower tray?

The selection of a shower tray largely depends on available space in the bathroom and the position of the drain. As well as the size, you need to choose a colour that matches the bathroom. Cima Arredobagno has 30 colours for both Arock products (trays and panels) and furniture units.

How do I measure the shower area?

This is a simple task. Measure the width and depth, the position of the drain and, if you can, the thickness of the screed. With this information we can examine the option of installing the tray on the floor or flush with the floor.

Can I install a shower tray by removing the bath tub?

The size of our shower trays is suitable to cover the space occupied by standard bath tubs. They can be completed with ALmuro wall panels to cover the bare horizontal strip resulting after the bath tub has been removed or to create a finish covering the whole vertical area.

Do Arock trays have finishes on all sides?

Arock trays have the same finish on the 5 visible sides, while the bottom has a special finish suitable for the adherence of the glues used for installation purposes. In the case of a “cut at the finishing stage” made by the manufacturer, the surface on which the “finish” is performed will be slightly smoother.

Can I order a custom-made Arock shower tray?

Arock trays can be cut according to criteria allowing for extreme customisation. The chance of having “cuts at the finishing stage” further extends this option. Adapting a tray to a recess or an out-sized design is a simple operation that can also be performed on site.

Can I order custom ALmuro wall panels?

Like the whole of the Arock range, the ALmuro wall panels allow for extreme customisation, both on site and directly on the company’s premises. Drilling the holes during installation allows for a clean job with no imperfections.

Il sifone nei piatti doccia è sempre incluso?

I piatti doccia in Arock offrono un foro di scarico da 90mm dove è possibile installare una grande varietà di sifoni presenti sul mercato diversi tra loro per caratteristiche tecniche e di valore. Cima Arredobagno propone un sifone standard acquistabile separatamente.

How high is the siphon?

Siphons available on the market are usually from 8 to 10cm high. The standard Cima Arredobagno siphon is 8cm high, which means the Arturo tray can be installed in a surface just 11cm thick in total (8cm for the siphon + 3cm for the tray)

What material is used for the outflow grids?

Arock tray grids are made of stainless steel with a mirror brushed side and a side with a satin finish. They are cut with a high-precision laser and, if required, painted with a special cycle with the same finish as the shower tray.

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Which glues should I use for the installation?

We recommend using KERALASTIC by Mapei (or a similar product) to install Arock items. Follow the assembly instructions included in the packaging or available for you to download here to install our products correctly.

Can I cut a tray or panel during installation?

The option of cutting Arock products during installation is one of the benefits provided by these innovative materials. You will need a diamond disc cutter similar to the one normally used to cut marble or tiles. To make holes in the panels, you just need an HSS bi-metal cup saw.

Do I need to install an insulating membrane under the tray?

Except in the case of specific building standards, there is no need for an insulating membrane when using our products as they are 100% leak-proof. Unlike mosaics and/or tiles, once they have been installed they allow water to flow towards the floor.

How can I compensate for the alignment of the panels with the tray?

The wall panels are very flexible and can adapt to the conditions of the wall. If you cannot fully compensate for the out-size design of the wall with the lack of levelling of the tray, you can use sealing silicones or cut the panels during installation.

Do I just need to check the tray is levelled during installation?

When installing the tray, it is always a good idea to make sure it is levelled and that all the edges have the right slope gradient. To perform this check, just use a small ball and watch where it rolls.

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What do I need to use to clean the trays and wall panels?

Use soft cotton cloths and neutral detergents, preferably liquid ones, for cleaning purposes. Do not use abrasive cloths or sponges, ammonia, alcohol, acetone, thinners, organic solvents, etc. After cleaning, rinse well with plenty of water to remove any residue. After each use, rinse the trays and/or panels with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.

How can I repair chips on trays and/or wall panels?

We have created a special Touch-up kit available in all the colours of the range for small domestic accidents that may leave chips on Arock products. You can repair the damage very quickly by following a few, simple operating instructions.

How can I remove limescale from the trays and/or wall panels?

To solve the root of the issue of limescale, it is best to get a water softener. If this is not possible, you can use products available on the market by leaving them to act for a short amount of time and testing them in a small concealed area before using them. Limescale can always be removed by wiping the area you need to clean with a cloth dampened with hot, white vinegar.

Water is not flowing out normally, what should I do?

Special waxes are used during the manufacturing stages to protect the gel-coat when the mould is removed. Despite the fact of being cleaned with high-pressure hot water jets, sometimes these waxes can slow down water flowing out. Wash the tray with soap and the issue will be solved after using the shower a few times.

How can I remove organic residue from the siphon?

To remove organic residue just lift the stainless steel grid covering the siphon and clean it with normal bathroom detergents. Then follow the siphon’s instructions to remove the residue captured by it.

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Do Arock products come with a warranty?

As with all Cima Arredobagno products, Arock products come with a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. To claim your warranty, keep the invoice or receipt showing your purchase, otherwise you will not be able to request the warranty.

Where can I find the “Touch-up Kit” for Arock?

The Touch-up Kit for Arock is available from all our retailers. We recommend contacting the retailer where you purchased the product to be sure they have the colour code installed.

How can I contact the After-sales service?

Send an email to our after-sales service at info@cima-arredobagno.it. We will respond during normal business hours.